The Kingdom of Westmarch

The primary Amtgard realm of California and Nevada! Westmarch is Amtgard’s 18th kingdom, inviting all new players to come and experience the best sports LARP of all time! Established in 2007, with 18 parks across its lands, Westmarch is a community of passionate LARPers, crafters, musicians, and friends dedicated to expanding the sport of foam fighting and recruiting new players. With parks up and down the coast, there’s bound to be one near to you, so come out and explore!

Amtgard is a battle-focused live-action fantasy roleplaying and boffer combat game that combines medieval-fantasy warfare with tactical gameplay, magic, crafting, teamwork, and skill to overcome obstacles and lead allies to victory. Wage war with foam swords, shields, arrows, spears, and fireballs in a variety of games that test both teamwork and personal skill. Choose a class from Warrior or Wizard to more unique combat styles such as Druid, Barbarian, or Bard. Beyond the combat-sport, we also engage in crafting, tailoring, creating costumes, forging armor , cooking, music, and recitation.

If you are interested in trying out Amtgard, or meeting a great community of friends, check out any of our parks! Every park has loaner gear and equipment to help fledgling Heroes get started.

Westmarch has over a dozen parks throughout California:

Aegir’s Hall
Lodi, CA

Aures Saltus
Martinez, CA

Belial’s Peak
Oakley, CA

Breman’s Fortress
Placentia, CA

Clockwork Spires
Fresno, Ca

Rohnert Park, CA

Fal Dare
Carson City, NV

Sacramento, CA

Nymyr’s Sanctum
Santa Clara, CA

Seven Sleeping Dragons
San Luis Obispo, CA

Siar Gaeta
Oceanside, CA

Wyvren’s Spur
Berkeley, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

Thor’s Refuge
Carmichael, CA

Valley of the Fallen
Arcadia, CA

Kingdom of Viridian Outlands

Viridian Outlands’ beginning dates over 25 years ago, in 1995, in the land of Stormhaven. As Stormhaven grew in numbers and enthusiasm, so did the dream of Kingdom. In 2004, Stormhaven became a Grand Duchy, and began gathering lands under its own banner. By 2015, the Grand Duchy of Stormhaven had changed its name to the Principality of Viridian Outlands (allowing the Duchy of Stormhaven to retain its name without confusion). As of today, Viridian Outlands holds 10 lands within its borders:

  • StormHaven Est. 1995 (Duchy)
  • Valley of the Trident Est. 2014 (Barony)
  • Hermit’s Hold Est. 2003 (Shire)
  • Nightmare Plains Est. 2014 (Shire)
  • Western Winds Est. 2010 (Duchy)
  • Bladed Coast Est. 2019 (Shire)
  • Dragon’s Creek Est. 2012 (Shire)
  • Northern Grove Est. 2019 (Shire)
  • Ominous Valley Est. 2014 (Barony)
  • Amber Highlands Est. 2019 (Shire)

Winter’s Edge

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Kingdom of Blackspire

Blackspire is a kingdom formed from the two Pacific Northwest kingdoms- The Kingdom of the Mystic Seas and the Valley of the Silver Rains or VSR. The merger was Complete, and Blackspire was born in April 2005. It’s full title was originally voted in as “The Kingdom of the Dark Valley of the Black Spire Where the Bloody Skeletons Rise Up in the Middle of the Night to Kick Your Ass!!!!!!”, suggested by Sir Cowdog. However, it was later shortened to “Blackspire”.

Blackspire consists of all of Oregon, and parts of Washington. Pac War originates from Blackspire, and is their main Interkingdom Event per year.

Tal Dagore

The Kingdom of Tal Dagore is the 14th Kingdom of Amtgard. Bow before the Great Axe Throne!

The Kingdom of Polaris

The Kingdom of Polaris has groups in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.

We have 4 big events each year where all of the members of the Kingdom get together, Dungeon Day in February, The Minnesota Amtgard May Event (MAME) in May, The Great Adventurer’s Challenge (GAC) in August and Keep on the Borderlands in September.