Kingdom of Viridian Outlands

Kingdom of Viridian Outlands

Viridian Outlands’ beginning dates over 25 years ago, in 1995, in the land of Stormhaven. As Stormhaven grew in numbers and enthusiasm, so did the dream of Kingdom. In 2004, Stormhaven became a Grand Duchy, and began gathering lands under its own banner. By 2015, the Grand Duchy of Stormhaven had changed its name to the Principality of Viridian Outlands (allowing the Duchy of Stormhaven to retain its name without confusion). As of today, Viridian Outlands holds 10 lands within its borders:

  • StormHaven Est. 1995 (Duchy)
  • Valley of the Trident Est. 2014 (Barony)
  • Hermit’s Hold Est. 2003 (Shire)
  • Nightmare Plains Est. 2014 (Shire)
  • Western Winds Est. 2010 (Duchy)
  • Bladed Coast Est. 2019 (Shire)
  • Dragon’s Creek Est. 2012 (Shire)
  • Northern Grove Est. 2019 (Shire)
  • Ominous Valley Est. 2014 (Barony)
  • Amber Highlands Est. 2019 (Shire)


Thousand Stars (K-Stars): An event held annually by the Duchy of Stormhaven. This event is normally held in Eastern Washington and during the last two weeks of May.

Circles of Fate: An event hosted by the Duchy of Western Winds. This event is normally held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during the month of September.

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