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Alliance LARP Las Vegas

Alliance LARP Las Vegas

2022-02-11 17:00:00
Welcome to a wonderful journey of adventure and magic! Set in the fictional world of Desara within the kingdom of ...
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Reckoning LARP

Reckoning LARP

2022-05-13 12:00:00
RECKONING is a high immersion fantasy live action role playing game (LARP) that focuses on story driven by players’ action ...
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LARP is a live action role-playing game where the players physically portray their characters. These players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while acting out their interactions in-character.

Some LARPs are not physical at all and have no combat, others are reenactments that focus on authenticity, and some are even referred to as a sport.

Looking to attract new players to your game? We’re excited to offer a brand new way to list your parlor, boffer, and reenactments LARPs. If you’re looking for a single LARPing directory you have come to the right place.

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