Park Hills Live Action Role Players (PHLARP) is a unique version of LARP that originated in the town of Park Hills, Missouri in 2012. We are a medieval fantasy themed LARP where you will engage in unscripted combat against other Phlarpers using foam covered LARP “weapons”. The rules of combat and engagement are very clearly laid out in our rulebooks, but keep in mind our game is designed to be played without you ever having to physically touch other players with your body, to be played without you having to spontaneously do vast amounts of math, and also to create an environment that facilitates your immersion as completely as possible so that regardless of your past experience with LARP you can participate and have a fun and memorable LARP experience. We want you to create friendships, relationships, and memories that will last a lifetime. We host PHLARP at Columbia Park in Park Hills, Missouri, every Sunday from 1pm until nightfall.

Dargarth Wargame

Dargarth is a Seattle based Live Action Roleplaying Game. We use a simple full force combat system as well as simplified magic and armor rules. Players form into teams or “countries” and compete for land and glory. Come out and join us!

We meet every other Sunday at 12pm
Volunteer Park, 1247 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
Check Discord or Facebook for exact dates.


Tale from Gloom Hollow

Tales From Gloom Hollow begins as a mystery about the goings-on of a small town in California. Through investigation and being in the wrong place at the wrong time the game will turn into a survival horror/mystery as the players dive deeper down the rabbit hole.


We meet once a month for 3 days, Friday to Sunday
The next events are:
November the 18th-20th Friday game starts 8 pm to Sunday 12 pm
December 30th – January 1st game starts 8 pm to Sunday 12 pm
14600 Baron Rd Corona, CA 92880

Hearthlight at Oakledge Park

We’re a Hearthlight chapter in based out of Burlington, Vermont. We have weekly practices throughout the spring / summer season, as well as hosting and attending nearby LARP events.


Weekly Practice
11 Flynn Ave, Burlington, VT 05401
Every Sunday 12-3 PM

Ohio Adventuring Guild

Hello potential adventurer!

If you have ever wanted to try out LARP or just to find a group, we might be what you are looking for. We are a new group with lots to offer. We plan to meet regularly and offer a unique experience. Every month we plan meet for field days where everyone is encouraged to come and enjoy sparring and foam combat, with a role play centered session once a month. Your party will be set in a scenario against other players who in this case will be the mobs sent to stop you. Great for new and old groups to get that RP itch taken care of.

We utilize both foam and boffer weapons, and plan for a safety system focused on providing the most enjoyable session possible for everyone. Don’t like to get hit hard? We will utilize bandannas to be worn on your arms to show if you prefer light strikes or if you will surrender upon capture. No shame I’m not wanting to be clobbered just let us know.

This game takes place in the lands of Cardia where you and your party will adventure, gain prestige and have a blast!

Our rule book and lore book will be linked in our discord so that you can check them out. If you have questions feel free to hop in and ask with no repercussions or commitments.


We meet at Scioto Audubon Metro Park saturdays at 12pm weekly

400 W Whittier St, Columbus, OH 43215

Check discord for updates or weather based cancellations

Estel Uqua

Estel Úqua is a family friendly Fantasy Live Action Role Play Game based in Houston, Texas. Our Game is set in a fantasy world where magic abounds, or did until recently, when the circles that brought people back from the Grey began to fade away.


Buffalo Run Park
1122 Buffalo Run, Missouri City, TX 77489
Monthly on Saturdays

The Realm of Khandar

Welcome to our LARP, the Realm of Khandar!

Khandar is a kingdom in a low fantasy world. This means that while there are rumors that fantastic races and beasts (elves, dragons, orcs etc.) existed long ago, none live there now. And while magic exists and may be used by players, its effects are generally not flashy, and mostly in the form of healing and protection spells.

Here in the Realm of Khandar, we aim to provide an immersive, cinematic experience for all out players. We accomplish this with a range of tools, from restricting all modern items to out of game areas on event days to the approval process for clothing and gear for each distinct culture, all designed to help draw you in and make you feel like you’ve truly left your old life behind for world of magic and adventure.

So with that in mind- polish your sword, delve into your spellbooks and scrolls, don your trusty cloak and join us in the Realm of Khandar to find your adventure!

The Escarpment

Hearthlight chapter based in Buffalo, NY.

Weekly practices where all cross gamers are welcome.

Hosting several events a year.


The Empire of Amenti

The Empire of Amenti is a Full-Contact Boffer Larp group that uses the Imperium LARP system. With an emphasis on roleplay and fantasy, we run mock battles with foam weapons that are fast paced and safe. Creativity with costuming and crafting is highly encouraged.


Hearthlight provides an immersive fantasy-medieval experience to a diverse community of players in a safe and welcoming environment. We promote education through participation in medieval arts & sciences and full-contact simulated combat.

​Whether you want to try your hand at historical handcrafts,join a 50-person shield wall on the battlefield, or simplybe part of a welcoming community, Hearthlight is here for you.