NERO: Border Lands

NERO: Border Lands exists on the outskirts of Evandarr and the kingdoms known to the Nobles of Avalon. The large mass of land hosts many interesting natural constructs, but the ones that are most interesting are “The Spires.” These spires produce themselves randomly over the course of a few weeks and then exist until they have been defeated. The spires are direct connections to the Outer Planes such as Chaos, Death, Dream, etc.

The challenges that the surrounding towns are not due to the monsters, creatures, hauntings, or curses that may produce from the spires themselves, but the daily dealings with the corruption in the streets, mishandlings of the Guilds, and additional that may even be world-changing. As you dive into the Dungeons, the economics, and the political ongoing, you will discover more than you ever dreamed.

We welcome you to take our challenges and make them the basis of your own story. A story you assist in developing and creating a land that you are proud to support every chance you get. Join us and become a Hero, Merchant, Healer, Villain, or something in between! We want you to be something that completes your story.


Disciples Crossing Camp And Conference Center (Creative Camp)
3693 State Highway 31 E, Athens, TX 75752

Current Events Scheduled for 2023
June 16th – 18th 2023
August 18th – 20th 2023
Sept. 22nd – 24th 2023
October 27th – 29th 2023


Check out our Discord:

Alliance NEPA Ascension

Alliance Ascension is a Medieval Fantasy LARP with crystalpunk elements.

We take the best parts of a tabletop roleplaying game, interactive and improv theater, medieval combat sport and blend them into a weekend long experience.

In Ascension, you are trying to rediscover a world torn apart from the height of magical technology. Left in chaos for thousands of years, the brave people now venture forth from their Cairn along with adventurers from far-off lands to reclaim what was lost. They seek to make a difference where others cannot, learn the truth behind every lost secret, and ascend.

In Alliance NEPA’s Ascension game, working with players is essential to the story and survival. In the world of Ascension… only together we rise.



The Coming Storm
May 12th-14th, 2023
EMR Event Park, 577 Wolf’s Lair Road (Rt 706 & 601) New Milford Pa, US 18834

Kid’s Event (ages 5-14)
June 16th-18th
EMR Event Park, 577 Wolf’s Lair Road (Rt 706 & 601) New Milford Pa, US 18834

Enemies at the Gates
July 14th-16th, 2023
EMR Event Park, 577 Wolf’s Lair Road (Rt 706 & 601) New Milford Pa, US 18834

All Good Things
Sept. 29th- Oct 1st, 2023
EMR Event Park, 577 Wolf’s Lair Road (Rt 706 & 601) New Milford Pa, US 18834

Portland-Vancouver Jugger League

Jugger is a soft-combat sport based on the 1989 movie Blood of Heroes (aka Salute of the Jugger). It is fully gender-inclusive sport featuring teams of 4 enforcers armed with a variety of spars and 1 runner whose job it is to score points. Jugger is played in over 20 countries and offers lots of opportunity to compete both nationally and internationally.

Practices are Saturdays at 11am at Harrison Park in SE Portland. We are open to ages 16 and up. Starting equipment is loaned out free of charge, so all that is required for practice is running shoes, water, and clothes you don’t mind getting muddy in.

Darkon: Crownlands

Darkon: Crownlands is the home and founding chapter of the Darkon Wargaming Club. We are a non-profit battle-gaming and live-action role-playing (LARP) club in the United States based in the Maryland and Washington, DC Metro area.

Founded in 1985 and built upon the rules of the now-defunct Emarthnguarth Outdoor Wargaming System, Darkon features boffer combat; a robust class system; and a a persistent land map and set of land rules to facilitate country-based battle-gaming.

Darkon: Crownlands meets every other Sunday across the Maryland/Virginia/Washington DC area for regular day events. Check out our website for our list of event s- which also includes some larger-scale cross-chapter events including the annual Feast in the Fall and Bellum Aeternus in the Spring.



Layhill Park, Field #5

14901 Layhill Road, Wheaton, MD 20906

every other Sunday

Alliance LARP Virginia

Welcome to the online home for Alliance Virginia, the lands of Tel’Vania. Come explore from the Ethereal Isles in the southwest to the A’Daragon Crescent in the northeast the land awaits. Everyone knows the great cataclysm took place in Tel’Vania (over 1000 years ago); a dragon fell from the sky after the moon exploded and its impact with Tel’Vania created a rift in the world causing it to churn and change form. The impact killed many and forced most to leave their original home region.


Hello Friends from all over the Realm!! Alliance LARP Virginia is pleased to release dates for our 2023 season.

April 7th-9th
May 19th-21st
August 25th-27th
October 27th-29th

Please Remember your Winter IBGA which we have extended the deadline until the end of February. Please email your IBGA to ( or plot at (

Camp Powhatan BSA

2600 Max Creek Road, Hiwassee, VA, 24347

Shifted Lands

Shifted Lands is a high-fantasy live-action roleplaying game that lets you bring your favorite characters to life. Whether it’s a noble warrior saving the innocent, a wizard dedicated to the deepest arcane secrets, or a blacksmith determined to make the ultimate weapon, you’ll find these opportunities and so much more at Shifted Lands.

We have chapters in Southeast Michigan and Northern Indiana. For over 25 years we have been creating stories together as one of the longest running LARPs in the area. We host both weekend long and day events. And your first game is FREE!

Come and play the role-playing game that keeps you in game for 24 hours a day for a whole weekend!

You can play the part of a seasoned mercenary that will do anything for a price, a compassionate healer bringing your compatriots back to life after they have fallen in battle, a knight whose honor is more important than his next breath, or a mighty sorcerer that pursues power at all costs.


For our full calendar of events go to our website.
Michigan events occur at Camp Wathana, 9750 Milford Rd, Holly, MI 48442

Indiana events occur at various locations including Camp Whitley, 4305 W Camp Whitley Rd, Columbia City, IN 46725

Dystopia Rising: Colorado

Join the survivors of the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Lorado. Centered in the village of Barker Meadow, work with various factions and friends in political, religious, economic, and underworld organizations that struggle for power while fighting off the threats of flesh-hungry zombies, insane raiders, dangerous cultists, mutated beasts, rival gangs, and the ever-present threat of the Grave Mind. In the world after The End, death is the least of your worries.


Our events are at Camp Santa Maria, Bailey, Colorado (our schedule is on our website.)

Twin Mask

Welcome to Twin Mask, a southern California LARP, where sorcery is feared and creatures of myth have faded into seclusion. Here, in the heart of ‘Tear’– a recently discovered continent– characters from all backgrounds will be called back from death and be forced to band together in order to survive and make sense of the world around them.

Life on Regina: A Firefly-Inspired LARP

Life on Regina is a one-shot, freeform-style LARP inspired by the 2001 futuristic space-western TV series Firefly. The game takes place within the Firefly universe on Regina, a terraformed planet located in the Georgia system of the Union of Allied Planets, in/near a small mining town, approximately 5 years after the end of the Unification War. This game is a good LARP for players who want an experience that explores unbalanced social power structures, multi-faction cooperation/conflict, espionage, medical ethics, survival, limited resources, and interpersonal relationships, within a gaming environment that prioritizes cooperative storytelling, player-versus-player based gaming, roleplay, and high levels of creativity/player freedom. Life on Regina takes place over the course of a 10 hour event with 8 hours of immersive gameplay. The gameplay will include resource gathering, interpersonal conflict, intra/inter faction conflicts, NERF-blaster combat, healing, social currency exchange, and both individual and faction-focused goals. Players will design their own characters by selecting a class, and will then be assigned to a faction by the GM team after completing an online survey available via our website: Players will then be able to flesh out their characters and form relationships with other characters within their faction via Discord prior to the event date. Players must register at least 2 weeks prior to the game date in order to be assigned a faction. September 16th, 8:00AM to 6:00PM at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean Adventures LARP

Solarean Adventures is an 18+ high fantasy LARP hosted by Lost & Found Studios, LLC just outside of Saint Louis, MO. It is campaign-style, with monthly events that impact the storyline of each of the following games. Most of these storylines focus on the small adventuring town of Evermire, located in the fictional country of Solarea. This LARP strives for medium-to-high immersion, and includes both combat and non-combat character options, as well as lots of roleplay. Game Managers (GMs) write and provide overarching, season-long plotlines, while the vast majority of other conflict and story is player-driven. This LARP offers both Player-versus-Player and cooperative gaming experiences. First-time LARPers are more than welcome; we have loaner gear available to borrow and a new-player module that runs at the beginning of each session to help teach newcomers how to play. Solarean Adventures is medium contact (no grappling, sliding, etc.) and uses injected latex foam or boffer weapons (which must pass a safety check before each game) to engage in a limb-point based combat system. Overnight events offer camping space for players with an onsite bathroom and running water. We also have an online forum for supplemental roleplay in between events for those interested.



Solarean March Event: 6:00PM, 03/24 thru 10:00AM, 03/26 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean April Event: 6:00PM, 04/21 thru 10:00AM, 04/23 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean May Event: 6:00PM, 05/26 thru 10:00AM, 05/29 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean June Event: 6:00PM, 06/23 thru 10:00AM, 06/25 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean July Event: 6:00PM, 07/14 thru 10:00AM, 07/16 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean August Event: 6:00PM, 08/11 thru 10:00AM, 08/13 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean September Event: 6:00PM, 09/01 thru 10:00AM, 09/04 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean October Event – Halloween Festival: 6:00PM, 10/21 thru 10:00AM, 10/23 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218

Solarean November Event: 6:00PM, 11/10 thru 10:00AM, 11/12 at 6251 Shoal Creek Rd. Bartelso, IL 62218