The Empire of Amenti

The Empire of Amenti is a Full-Contact Boffer Larp group that uses the Imperium LARP system. With an emphasis on roleplay and fantasy, we run mock battles with foam weapons that are fast paced and safe. Creativity with costuming and crafting is highly encouraged.


Hearthlight provides an immersive fantasy-medieval experience to a diverse community of players in a safe and welcoming environment. We promote education through participation in medieval arts & sciences and full-contact simulated combat.

​Whether you want to try your hand at historical handcrafts,join a 50-person shield wall on the battlefield, or simplybe part of a welcoming community, Hearthlight is here for you.

The Chimera Legion

Defend the Empire. Join the Legion.

Welcome Legionnaires,

We are a group of medieval enthusiasts located in Broward County, FL. Our group is an official branch of Way of the Sword Combat Sports.
We engage in mock battles using safe, foam-padded swords. We use a light version of the WotS rules.

Join us Sundays at 1 at Oak Hammock Park in Sunrise (use the back entrance off 41st St)


Kingdom Boffer Association is a 25-year-old boffer combat LARP society based with casual roleplay in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in Kent, Washington in 1995 it was given the name Shadow Clan Players, eventually just became known as The SCP, and re-branded Kingdom Boffer Association in 2010 to better reflect the nature of the organization and the games it hosts.

KBA is dedicated to giving youth, teens and adults of all ages a safe place to participate in fast paced boffer combat. Our General Games are reserved for ages 12 and up for the safety of the participants, while our younger members, from 3 to 11 years old, learn to play within their age group in the Page Program. Everyone is welcome at our events!

Our regular events run every Saturday from the first weekend of March (Opening Day) to the last weekend of October (Ragnarween), weekly events start at 12 pm and end between 5 and 6 pm. We also host several special events through out the season, including the King’s Crown Tournament, Cold Steel Classic Tournament, several Meet and Greet events, “invasions” into other KBA fields and other groups. During the winter we switch to 1 pm start times and end around 3 or 4 pm, only calling events in the worst weather conditions.

Alliance Raleigh Larp

A new chapter of the Alliance in North Carolina. Our events are held on our private 54 acre site located in Sandy Ridge, NC 27046


Events are held monthly (roughly) at our permanent site

Season Opener April 8th-10th- Permanent site
May 6th- May 8th – Permanent site
June 3rd-5th – Permanent site
September 16th-18th – Permanent site
October 14th-16th – Permanent site
November 4th-6th – Permanent site

1317 Joyce Woodworks Rd.
Sandy Ridge, 27046

Underworld: Dark Harbor

These three words are what exemplifies the dark fantasy LARP known as Underworld. When monsters come, you have three options. You may Run from them, and hope that you are fast enough to escape. Those that are brave may Fight. Others may seek to Hide, in hopes that their labored breathing doesn’t give them away.

While Underworld is primarily set in a fantasy world, where you will see elves, dwarves, and magic, it also incorporates many horror elements. While there may be stalwart heroes in their shiny mail, there are also dread creatures that lurk in the night waiting to feast on flesh.

Due to the serious tone of the setting, it is an adult-only LARP and participants must be 18 years of age or older.



We meet once a month except for June and July
Our site is located at the YMCA Camp Immokalee
6765 Immokalee Rd, Keystone Heights, FL 32656
All of our events run from 9:30 PM on Friday night through 2:00pm on Sunday

Quest Central LARP

Based in the Columbus metropolitan area, Ohio. Quest Central LARP is a fantasy roleplaying game run out of Batelle Darby Creek Park. First formed as a battle club between friends, it has grown into an ever-growing world. Our system has been designed to allow for vast freedom in creating a new and unique character to join our world. We welcome everyone to join in the adventure Quest Central.


Events hosted at Darby Creek Metro Park, Indian Ridge area. 2705 Darby Creek Dr. Galloway OH, 43123
Events are held Sundays of the second and third full week of each month and Saturdays of the third full week.
Events run from 12pm to 3pm.


O.R.C.S.L.A.R.P. is a game that combines full contact medieval combat and Live Action Role Play O.R.C.S. is set in a fantasy world where the classes available to play are standard fantasy classes, such as (but not limited to) Fighter, Ranger, Druid, Bard, Cleric, Thief, and Mage. Players are required to wear medieval period clothing and may wear medieval armor, depending on the class they choose to play. Combat is resolved using foam-padded medieval weapons and a quick, easy to learn damage system. Our game events include battle days, tournaments, adventure days, and twice a year, a weekend long camp-out.

Some players in O.R.C.S. form associations known as Countries, which hold land on our land map and earn income based on their holdings. They gain more land by land searches of unclaimed territory or war with other countries.

A player’s abilities in combat are what they physically bring to the field. No special abilities in the game enhance a player’s combat proficiency and all players regardless of level or class receive damage equally.

All prospective players should note that O.R.C.S. is a highly physical game. In combat, players swing their weapons as if they were wielding a real weapon. It is not a touch-based hit system: all valid hits must make solid contact. \ Overall, O.R.C.S. is an exciting, action-packed game full of heroism and intrigue. Come join an existing Country or form one of your own! Test your mettle against the Realm’s mightiest champions and, perhaps one day, you too will be known as a Champion of the Realm!


ORCS usually meets at Gosnold’s Hope Park, located at 901 Little Back River Rd, Hampton, VA 23669. We play every other Sunday afternoon. Check-in is 12 noon – 1 PM; the event starts at 1 PM. Twice a year, we have weekend long campouts which are at an alternate location. Campouts are usually held in April and October.

Your first event is free. At your second event, you pay a one-time $5 lifetime membership fee. Fees are $3 for a day event, $4 for a day event late check-in, and $10 for a campout.

The Tunguska Effect

June 30th, 1908, an explosion rocked the world. It was determined that the blast was created by the coming of a creature known now as The Trespasser, which broke through to Earth, and brought with it reality-altering magic.

The Tunguska Effect is a story-based LARP set in a “Fade Town,” a sort of mining company town, where the mine is not a mere hole in the ground, but rather a portal into the world the Trespasser came from. Strange creatures and bizarre happenings are the norm here, and players can take on the identities of various species, such as the Angelic Ascended, the monstrous Beastling, the mysterious Fey, or the robotic Full Autos. Their abilities are fleshed out by the choosing of one of a variety of character classes, such as the wise Arcanist, the mighty Vigilante, or the clever Outlaw.

Thaliondor: Fantasy and Medieval Combat

Thaliondor combines high-octane full-contact fighting with easy-to-learn/hard-to-master roleplaying abilities to deliver the best form of LARPing in the state.

While Thaliondor has classes, spells, and abilities, it’s combat style is almost identical to Dagorhir or Belegarth. And we pride ourselves in having a well-rounded and balanced game. All walks of life are welcome, and every style of character is viable, as the game is designed to reward all styles of play, balancing spells and abilities with combat prowess and weapon mastery.


instagram: @thaliondor