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Shifted Lands

Shifted Lands is a high-fantasy live-action roleplaying game that lets you bring your favorite characters to life. Whether it’s a noble warrior saving the innocent, a wizard dedicated to the deepest arcane secrets, or a blacksmith determined to make the ultimate weapon, you’ll find these opportunities and so much more at Shifted Lands.

We have chapters in Southeast Michigan and Northern Indiana. For over 25 years we have been creating stories together as one of the longest running LARPs in the area. We host both weekend long and day events. And your first game is FREE!

Come and play the role-playing game that keeps you in game for 24 hours a day for a whole weekend!

You can play the part of a seasoned mercenary that will do anything for a price, a compassionate healer bringing your compatriots back to life after they have fallen in battle, a knight whose honor is more important than his next breath, or a mighty sorcerer that pursues power at all costs.


For our full calendar of events go to our website.
Michigan events occur at Camp Wathana, 9750 Milford Rd, Holly, MI 48442

Indiana events occur at various locations including Camp Whitley, 4305 W Camp Whitley Rd, Columbia City, IN 46725


Meeting Time & Place

Camp Wathana

9750 Milford Rd, Holly, MI 48442, USA
Michigan Events

Camp Whitley

4305 W Camp Whitley Rd, Columbia City, IN 46725, USA
Indiana Events

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