A Dagorhir Chapter we fight at Southwest Baptist University Soccer field between Aldrich Rd and South Pike. We welcome anyone and everyone ages 15 and up with Parent’s written permission.


Ofrìdr Tre Practice: SBU Soccer field between Aldrich Rd and South Pike Bolivar, MO 65613
6pm to 9pm


Thaundor is a Central NC LARP group that spans from Durham and Raleigh to Fayetteville NC.
We play Dagorhir and Belegarth but also have Amtgard, SCA, Buhurt and Tuchux in our ranks.
A very welcoming community that is always looking for new friends.
Please feel free to follow the facebook group and reach out if you have questions!




TikTok The Larp


Fayettville – Guild Of Allegiance
Honeycutt Park
Every Sunday at 11AM.
Address: 352 Devers St. Fayetteville, NC 28303

Durham – Fortiréth
Piney Wood Park
Second Saturday of every month at 10AM.
Address: 400 E Woodcroft Pkwy, Durham, NC 27713

The Enclave Of The Shattered Sun

Mid Michigan Larp Group, and social club, we LARP, we game, but also much more, we get together and play anything and everything, from DnD and MTG to Bowling, and Disc Golf, you name it 🙂


We are a smaller group looking to grow and improve together. Come fight with us; don’t worry, we have plenty of loaner gear.


Meeting location and time:

South Park
100 E South Park St
Lawrence, KS 66044
United States

On the north east side of South Park across from the police station and next to the pavilion.

Sundays at 1pm



We are a small Dagorhir realm located in Pensacola, FL. Practices are Saturdays at 11am at Hitzman Optimist Park.

Skyreach-Denver Dagorhir

Welcome to Skyreach!

We fight weekly, on Sundays at James A Bible Park (on Yale between Monaco & Quebec) from 1pm to 4pm.

Come check out the group, invite your friends, and join in on the action and excitement that is Dagorhir!

Our battles are free to play and we have loaner gear for any new players who want to give it a shot!

Check out for more information on rules and the community.

Please note: as we are a full-contact sport, the minimum age to participate is 16 with parental approval.

For questions or concerns please email us at:
(This Chapter was formerly known as Kaer Morhen)


Here at Randir people from all around the US to fight!
We fight over many things but we all share one thing in common, we love disapointing our parents. Come see us every sunday at Northeast creek park!
Look for the people dressed funny.


We are a cross gaming medieval foam fighting group out of Lamar, Missouri. We are always eager to host new or traveling fighters and medieval enthusiasts. We meet every Sunday at 2pm at Lamar City Park.

Greenville Spartanburg Foam Fighting

Anyone interested in participating in foam fighting in the Upstate South Carolina area will be welcome here.
We will be meeting Saturdays at 2:30 at Cleveland Park in Greenville. These meets could be inconsistent, so if you do not see a post on the Facebook group regarding the next meet, please ask before showing up.
At this time we are an informal group with no official affiliation to any one game. We will allow all melee weapons that would be considered legal in Amtgard, Belegarth, Dagorhir, Darkon, or Hearthlight, and all projectiles that would be legal in Belegarth or Dagorhir. We will be using the Dagorhir ruleset for the time being, though are open to others.




We are a laid back Dagorhir practice based out of Overland Park KS. We meet every Tuesday at Thomas Stoll park, at 3pm we run until about 5pm. We accept all skill levels and only ask that you be kind to your fellow goblins.