We are Chimera, strong as one, stronger together.
We are based out of Metro Detroit in Auburn Hills, Michigan, 48309.
We are a bunch of nerds, jocks, cosplayers, and regular day folks.
We love to bring people an awesome community of accepting and caring individuals that want to improve the sport and make it better and to bring joy into other peoples lives. We are the home of the mistfits and outcasts. we are home to those society deems not worthy enough.
We are also gamers, larpers, and so much! Check us out! join our discord get to know the amazing family we call CHIMERA.


We typically meet on Sundays at 2pm at Riverside Park in Auburn Hills.



Meeting Time & Place

Riverside Park

Riverside Park, Squirrel Court, Auburn Hills, MI, USA
Sundays at 2pm

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Winter War 2022