If you would like to play, join our Facebook page here. We will have loaner gear available for you.

Way of the Sword at the Lightning Coast (Tampa): Tatakai no Oni

We are a WoTS branch in Tampa, Florida that practices on Wednesdays at Lowry Park. You can find directions on the FaceBook page shown below. We are a boffer sport. Think of a mix of Dagorhir/Belgareth and Amtgard but without classes or spells. We are a historical fantasy game that practices group tactics to fight other groups, plays games, and hosts events as well as traveling to other events.

We encourage crossgaming.
We encourage having a great time.
We would love to see you come by!
It’s free!


Lowry Park, Tampa, Corner of W. Flora and N. Blvd. From 4pm until sundown.







Meeting Time & Place

Lowry Park

Lowry Park, North Boulevard, Tampa, FL, USA
Wednesday 4pm-sundown

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Fighter Practice:

Some sparring and good times we have!