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Columbus LARP Group

Traditional LARP Fighting, Medieval Arts & Science

Helmed by the Collegium Tenebris Cervi, the Columbus LARP Group fights with authentic-looking foam weapons and real steel armor, chainmail, leather, and high quality costumes.

Meanwhile, off the field the “College of the Dark Stag” runs classes and artistic tournaments in meadmaking, tailoring, leatherworking, and hosts feasts and parties throughout the season.

“The Collegium Tenebris Cervi was once one of the finest artisan institutions in the Old World. The College once supplied nearby Delberz, a bustling trade hub, with some of it’s most prized wines, textiles, and crafts. It accepted students and apprentices from as far away as Great Cathay and the island of Nippon to the western shores of the New World.”

“Funded by the coffers of the Elector Counts, the College was once prized as one of the most prestigious schools until the blackpowder and magical universities to the south became the favored eye to those in court. The college’s Headmasters have taken upon themselves to revitalize their guild of artisans and reclaim their glory.”

Meeting Time & Place

Maplewood Ave

2 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA

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