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Alchemy Atlanta Larp

Alchemy is a classless, high fantasy (Family friendly) LARP that uses soft contact boffer combat. We have tried to bring the level of detail and myriad options of traditional tabletop games to LARPing. Our rules focus on allowing players to generate virtually any character they want and our Lore includes most historical cultures from ancient Egypt to the Pirates of the Caribbean. The Story centers around powerful concepts in the form of Words. Everyone, from the lowliest commoner to the gods themselves, strive to dominate others by empowering their Word and minimizing competing Words.
Alchemy weaves itself throughout the game and is the foundation of most of the game’s systems. Where the world of Gael does not believe in “magic”, the laws of science are so flexible that they can’t be broken, even if you wanted to. We’ve got mausoleums filled with undead, a city of gnomes on the moon and three goddesses fighting over the Word “Death.” Whether you like fighting with sword and shield or flintlock pistols, we have rules for them. Come play in a world where Alchemists make potions, Ritualists make magic items and Doctors raid tombs looking for raw materials. “Don’t just read about adventure, Live It!”


No in-person group meetings. Game meets once a month for events. All communication is done via the group’s Alchemy LARP Atlanta Facebook group. Thank you.

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