Ten Towns

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Polaris
Amtgard |

If you would like to play, join our Facebook page here. We will have loaner gear available for you.

Ten Towns

Ten Towns is a Shire of the Kingdom of Polaris inAmtgard.
We are new and looking to grow.
Do you like to play games like Dungeons and Dragons?…
Or find your self lost in a Medieval novel?…
A fan of “The Lord of the Ring” movies?….
Daydream of a Knight riding off to fight the evil dragon to save the kingdom?
Did you ever want to be that Knight, the Prince or Princess, or maybe the all powerful Wizard!!! Heck maybe ya wanted to be the troll or goblin or the creature of the night Vampire that prayed on the poor villagers! If this sounds like you! Try out AMTGARD


We gather on Sunday 1:00pm at Ashley Park.
Address: Ashley Park State Street Riverside Drive Jackson MN 56143

Meeting Time & Place

Ashley Park

Ashley Park, Jackson, MN, USA
Sunday at 1pm

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Orc Wars Fighter Practice