Kingdom: The Kingdom of Goldenvale
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If you would like to play, join our Facebook page here. We will have loaner gear available for you.


Welcome to Syrindale, our Rochester Amtgard park
A Duchy under the Kingdom of Goldenvale
We play at Genesee Valley Park on Sundays. Field starts at 1pm.
The park is located off Moore rd if coming from Scottsville rd. The back entrance is off East River on Hawthorne/Moore.
Feel free to come by and visit! For your first time nothing is needed but you and good shoes to play in.
We will make sure to post every Sunday where we are at park in case we have to move. The locations (primary, secondary and winter) are listed in the announcements on Facebook.


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Meeting Time & Place

Genesee Valley Park

Genesee Valley Park, East River Road, Rochester, NY, USA
Sunday at 1pm

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