Owlbear Grove

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If you would like to play, join our Facebook page here. We will have loaner gear available for you.

Owlbear Grove

Owlbear Grove is a chapter of Amtgard (a live action roleplaying game/group). Located in historic Lincoln, IL Owlbear Grove serves as a local community activity. We offer fun, excitement and adventure… For free! If you cannot afford (or just don’t own one yet because you’re reading about this for the first time) a foam prop, one will be provided for you. At least until you learn how to make your own.
We engage in foam combat every weekend. You can find us, every Saturday at 2pm, in Kickapoo Creek Park. Our group does not always have a dedicated spot, so instead, just look for the yellow and purple banner! Alternatively, look for people fighting with foam implements; we’re pretty sure we’re the only ones doing that on the weekends.
Another great thing is the different ways you can play. Your experience is entirely your own. We are extremely supportive of beginners. We look forward to seeing you this weekend, hopefully! What’s the worst that can happen if you check it out? A dragon might eat you, but other than that…

Meeting Time & Place

Kickapoo Creek Park

Kickapoo Creek Park, Jefferson Street, Lincoln, IL, USA
Saturday at 2pm

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