Kilgharrah's Rest

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Goldenvale
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If you would like to play, join our Facebook page here. We will have loaner gear available for you.

Kilgharrah’s Rest

Welcome to Kilgharrah’s Rest, our Cortland Amtgard park.  We are a Shire under the Kingdom of Goldenvale. We play at Suggett Park on Saturday. The field starts at 2 pm.
The park is located off of Homer Ave. Take Van Hosen Street to the parking lot by Wickwire Pool.
Feel free to come by and visit! For your first time, nothing is needed but you and good shoes to play in.


We post on Facebook about events coming up, weekly roleplay events, and voting for Kingdom and Local Althing!

We meet on Discord often for digital sign-in, class discussion, field discussions, and all things Amtgard!


Meeting Time & Place

Suggett Park by Wickwire Pool

Suggett Park, Homer Avenue, Cortland, NY, USA
Saturday 2-6pm

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