Ice Haven

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Polaris
Amtgard |

If you would like to play, join our Facebook page here. We will have loaner gear available for you.

Ice Haven

Ice Haven is barony-level group in a role-playing game called Amtgard, we are also a sub-group of the Kingdom of Polaris.
We meet every Saturday at 1:30PM in Owen Park, Eau Claire Wisconsin, next to the Tennis Courts.
The Park meets for Winter months on Saturdays at 1:30 in Building 17 of Banbury Place, located at 800 Wisconsin Street, Eau Claire, WI.

Meeting Time & Place

Owen Park

501 1st Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703, USA
Summer: Saturday at 1:30pm next to tennis courts

Banbury Place (Building 17)

800 Wisconsin Street, Eau Claire, WI, USA
Winter: Saturday at 1:30 in Building 17

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