Duchy of Irongate

Kingdom: The Kingdom of the Golden Plains
Amtgard |

If you would like to play, join our Facebook page here. We will have loaner gear available for you.

Duchy of Irongate

Meet with Amtgard players in the Lubbock Texas area!
We meet around 12:00 PM every Saturday at Ribble Park in Lubbock. The part of the park we typically play at is at the corner of Ave. U and 62nd street.
Learn weapon making, fighting with foam, meet a barbarian or two, enjoy the company of others who have similar interests as you! If you found this site you must like the strange and bizarre, so it is a perfect match, we are the strange and bizarre, yet pass as normals when out with the straights/normals/mundane (choose your term).

Meeting Time & Place

O. W. Ribble Park

62nd St, Lubbock, TX, USA
Saturday at 12pm

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Orc Wars Fighter Practice