The Blackwater Barbarians

A Shire of Neverwinter located in Crestview, Florida, we are an Amtgard park looking for new and old faces. Games are usually militia rules, with class battles on occasion.

Barony of Wymzee Dayle

We are an Amtgard park that is actively inclusive of marginalized people.
Bring yourself, a friend, some water, and some clothes that are comfortable to match the Weather!

Join our Facebook group and reach out to us so we can know how to support you best.

Two Rivers Point

Two Rivers Point is a foam boffer larp that is a part of Amtgard (, a nationwide Medieval Fantasy Larp that started in El Paso, Tx in 1983.
We play on Sunday afternoons at approximately 12:30/1:00 pm at Recreation Park in Binghamton, NY. We meet on the corner of Seminary and Laurel.

Elk Glenn

We are a new chapter of amtgard started back up here in the Michiana area, after an approximate 10 year hiatus of the game not being available in the area we decided it was time again.

We will be playing on Sundays starting at 1pm and ending at either 5pm or when everyone is done.

Our location may change in the future to accommodate a larger group but for the time being we have chosen a very public space that has lots of visibility to the public to try and gain numbers.

We meet at Twinbranch Park in Mishawaka, on the west side of the park.

Crimson Basin

We meet at Kids Kingdom park in Alamogordo New Mexico (Dewey & Oregon streets). There is a road in back of the park. We try to meet close to the playground or by the red pavilion. We meet at 2 to 5 on Saturdays but most arrive at 2:30.

Duchy of Darkmoon

The Duchy of Darkmoon was founded in 1998, and has been a staple in the Colorado Springs community ever since. We meet weekly at Palmer Park, at the intersection of Academy and Maizeland. Meeting times are every Saturday at noon, and going until dark or until we run out of steam.

~~~What should I bring on my first day?~~~

On your first day, you should bring:

A photo ID
Your vaccine card or a picture of it (Vaccine records from the My Colorado App are acceptable)
Comfortable clothing that you will be able to move in
Comfortable athletic shoes (tennis shoes, running shoes, cleats, etc.)
Enough water to stay hydrated through an afternoon
A snack is always a good idea


~~~Does it cost money to play Amtgard?~~~

No! Amtgard is free to play! Anyone can walk up and start playing for zero cost. Over time, you will have to provide your own gear and garb, but the community can help you build your own at very low cost.

We do have optional members’ dues which help fund community activities, and will allow you to participate in community althings (electing local leadership and rules changes).

~~~How old do I have to be to play Amtgard?~~~

We allow people to participate starting at 14 years of age, though we require that minors are accompanied by a parent or guardian while they are attending park. Minors must have a parent or guardian complete the liability waiver before they play.


We are a swords and sorcery boffer LARP located in Hagerstown MD.
We are a chapter of Amtgard in the kingdom of Crystal Groves.
We meet Sundays from 1PM to 4:30 PM at Doubs woods Park right across the street from Jo Ann’s fabrics and Pizza Hut.


We are a close knit group that enjoys rollplay as much as ditch fighting. Our weekly meet ups feature multiple battlegames with tournaments and A&S sprinkled in.


We meet on Sundays at 1:30PM @ Guy N Weatherly Park in Hazlehurst, GA 31539.

Falcon Tor

Amtgard Chapter of Columbia, MO.
We meet on Saturdays at Norma Sutherland Park at 1pm. The address is 3350 Waco Rd, Columbia, MO 65202. There is a large covered area and plenty of parking. We hold weekly battlegames, ditch before and after games, and have veteran players who are willing and eager to teach newer players the ropes. Come on out!

If vaccinated, the first time you come to park (February 26th and on), please bring your vaccination card (or a copy), so that we may mark you down. You will not need to wear a mask. If not vaccinated, you must wear a mask at all times. This includes on the field, while signing in, preparing for games, A&S, watching from the sidelines, etc. These rules are for all, spectators included. If you do not wish to wear a mask, but are not vaccinated, you must stay in your vehicle.

Valley Of The Fallen

Valley of The Fallen wants you!
Join us in battle with Foam weapons and Spells. Loaner gear available
Free to play
Different Classes, you can be
we are an Amtgard Park base in the Los Angeles Area
We fight every Friday and Saturday

Friday at 5pm-8pm

Saturday 2pm- 8:30pm