If you would like to play, join our Facebook page here. We will have loaner gear available for you.

Mines of Moria

The Mines of Moria is an active realm based in the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. We are a super welcoming realm for all levels of fighters. Our club consists of mostly college students, with some appearances by the Bone Crows and House Volant (Dagorhir units in Denver). Twice weekly practices consistent during the week. We are noncommittal and a casual group. We DO NOT use armor, archery, javelins, or garb. Wearing garb or armor is allowed and encouraged, but armor will have no effect. Loaner weapons and shield available for use at practices. Most practices see at least about 10 fighters, with up to 20+ on a good day or at school events. We are active through the school year, but not the summer (look at groups mentioned above for summer fights in Colorado). For questions and inquiries about our group, check out our Discord. We do most of our communication and weekly announcements there. Hope to see you out!



Meeting Time & Place

Kafadar Commons at Colorado School of Mines

1500 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401, USA
Wednesdays and Fridays 4pm-Sundown

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Orc Wars Fighter Practice