Charleston Dagorhir

We are a group of crossgamers and friends that love full-contact larping. Members have participated in soft-touch larps, Amtgard, Belegarth, and Dagorhir. Come out and meet us!

We practice in regular workout clothes and our regular practices do not involve roleplay. Bring a water bottle and some kind of gloves to protect your hands (if you have them). Lacrosse or hockey gloves work best, but MMA gloves are better than nothing. Loaner gear is available on the field.

Whether this is your first time picking up a sword/bow or you have been larping for years, everyone is welcome.

((Photo credit Yuie Brightflame))


3:00-6:00pm Sundays
West Ashley Park
3601 Mary Ader Ave
Charleston, SC 29414

Meeting Time & Place

West Ashley Park

3601 Mary Ader Ave, Charleston, SC 29414, USA
Sundays 3pm-6pm

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Orc Wars Fighter Practice