Scholar's Stronghold

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Tal Dagore
Amtgard | Foam Weapon Combat

Scholar’s Stronghold

Scholar’s Stronghold is a chapter of the Live Action Role Playing non-profit organization Amtgard in Macomb, Illinois. We are within the Principality of 13 Roads and the Kingdom of Tal Dagore.

In non-Covid times, we meet on Saturdays at 2 PM for park days in the Donald S. Spencer Student Recreation Center while weather is uncomfortable, and outside the Recreation Center when the weather is warm. We also, organize A&S nights on Wednesday evenings.

This is a place for newcomers, and those more versed, to practice as well as learn these skills– we encourage all comers to attend and participate at all levels. Additionally it serves as a place to meet like minded people with interests in not just fantasy role playing, but history, martial arts, and a number of other interests. As with other Amtgard parks, we strive to improve our knowledge and practice of four main areas: service, combat, arts and sciences, and leadership.

**Note: Until the Kingdom is open, you can catch all of our activity online via our Facebook page and the 13 Roads Discord**

Meeting Time & Place


1001 W University Dr, Macomb, IL 61455, USA
Saturdays at 2 PM

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