Orc Wars VI (March 23-26, 2023)

Orc Wars VI (March 23-26, 2023)

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Orc Wars is back and ready to rumble!

This event will be an evil versus good theme event. Saturdays will be story day with each battle affecting the next. By the end of the day Saturday we will see either Orcs and their forces enslaving the humans or the forces of good repulsing the evil hoard. If you are a monster and want to see the humans fall come dressed in your best monster gear for the battles Saturday. If you are a champion of the innocent then make your stand and defend the townspeople that are in harm’s way. Spread the word and prepare the battle for your faction.

Adults: $25
Children 11yrs – 15yrs:$10
Children 10 and under are free. One child per responsible adult.
(Troll is Cash only)

– Once you sign in at Troll you will be shown multiple lots to set up your tents. (some lots are reserved) DO NOT set up before signing in!

– Dagorhir rule-set with a few house rules. If you are cross gaming, please familiarize yourself with Dagorhir rules, customs, and weapons. This includes great garb. House rules, magic switch is legal and there is no balance point requirements on weapons.

– Dagorhir Battle Games Waivers will be present. All participants must sign a release form before they will be allowed to participate in the event. For those who are under 18, a legal guardian must sign the release form with either a notary or a member of the Dagorhir check-in staff as a witness. The minimum age for Dagorhir is 16.

– Our staff will have a Medic and Security team. Any illegal activities WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Security will remove you from the site.

– At weapon check we will be having a mandatory Class for all Archers. Fighters that miss the scheduled weapon checks may have their gear inspected by contacting the Head Herald.

– Anyone looking to be a vendor of any short please contact Dustin Howe (Cerva) for details and slotting.

– Thursday
– 03:30pm Troll Opens, come setup camp.
– Pick-up battles/ Sparring
– Friday
– 09:30am – Weapons Check.
– 11:00am – Pick-up Battles.
– 12:00pm – Scenario Battles
– 07:30pm – Night fighting
– Saturday
– 09:30am – Weapons Check.
– 11:00am – Pick-up Battles.
– 12:00pm – Scenarios
– 05:30pm – Tournaments.
– 08:30pm – Goblin games / Night fighting
– Sunday
– 12:00pm – Event Ends
– Event ends Sunday. Be prepared to pack up, clean up, and say your goodbyes before noon.

EastWind Castle Official Animal Policy
We will be allowing non aggressive pets onto property.
This is what SC state parks use : Pets are allowed in most outdoor areas provided they are kept under physical restraint or on a leash not longer than six feet. Owners will be asked to remove noisy or dangerous pets or pets that threaten or harass wildlife. Pets are not allowed in or around cabins, cabin areas or other lodging facilities.
At any time EastWind reserve all right to remove or alter this policy.
We understand both the missing and the hardship of finding dependable pet care for such durations. Please choose carefully the pets you bring for it is they and your upkeep of them that will set the policy that so many will be affected by.
Orc Wars Tournaments
– single blue 36in max
– red 66in max
– spear
– Sword and shield (any blue weapon)
– 2 man no armor
– 4 man no armor
Orc Games
– Snowball Fight
– Javelin Dodgeball
– Wrestle Mania

The orcs and goblins have decided to graciously allow the filthy manflesh and pointy-ears to fight for their freedom in some entertaining games. The survivors will be awarded a belt-flag granting them free passage back to the lands of men.
-Caz da Goblin

Registration Link: https://facebook.com/events/s/orc-wars-vi-royal-rumble/1915098002155076/

Event Location: 527 Johnston Hwy (Eastwind Castle)
Trenton, South Carolina 29847

Event begins 3/23/2023 at 3pm and ends 3/36/2023 at 12pm.

To register for this event email your details to DyerFBA@hotmail.com

Register using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook


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