Darkon: Boffer

Realm of Silverdain

Darkon: Realm of Silverdain is a full-contact, medieval fantasy wargaming group active since 2010 and based out of Harrisonburg, VA. They are a live-action role-playing group (LARP) that meets every other Sunday in garb & armor to fight in unchoreographed battles using padded weaponry. In May 2014, Silverdain Wargaming Club proudly became the first official chapter of the Darkon Wargaming Club.

Darkon: Crownlands meets every other Sunday across the Maryland/Virginia/Washington DC area for regular day events and the Darkon Wargaming Club site serves as the central website for this chapter. Check out our schedule for our list of events, which also includes some large scale cross chapter events including the annual Feast in the Fall and Bellum Aeternus in the Spring.

Meeting Time & Place

Hillendale Park

432 Hillandale Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, USA
every other Sunday, 1200-1700

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