Midgard Realm

Midgard is a realm made up of 3 separate units that currently use the Dagorhir ruleset for battles only. Viking Scouts, Silent Hand, and Tribes of the Stormlands are each of the units within. Each unit has their own ran practices and we meet as a realm 1-2 times a month and host several events throughout the year including Mercenaries for Hire and our quarterly Master at Arms Tournament.

Meeting Time & Place

Tribes of Stormland

396 Redding Rd, Lexington, KY, USA
Sundays 12p-5p

Viking Scouts

15 Wheeler Ave, Winchester, KY, USA
Sundays 12p-5p

Silent Hand

Millennium Park, Cunningham Drive, Danville, KY, USA
Saturdays at noon

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Orc Wars Fighter Practice